Client Reviews

"Great inspector and report was thorough while helping me prioritize what things to fix first. Will definitely use him again. Thank you David. You’ll get the call when we buy our next home!" 

~ I. Rieland

"Very friendly, and provided a good and thorough inspection. Caught a number of fringe cases we might have missed on our own, and made sure to document a number of potential fixes or solutions for any outstanding issues."

~ E. Powell

"Thanks Dave for the report. I was really impressed about the level of detail and definitely this will be useful during negotiation."

~ N. Katz

"Thorough and willing to explain any questions we had. Patient and flexible."

~  J. Grindstaff

"Hi David, thank you for your thorough service. It was impressive. I hope to be an agent who will keep you busy!"

~ Realtor Liz

"Thanks David! Really appreciate the thoroughness of the report." 

~ P. Johnson

"David was great! He was very flexible with his schedule and did a very thorough inspection and sent the report with pictures and notes right away. He was also available for questions and quick at responding."

~ T. Lhamo

"Thank you so much for the detailed report, you did a great job!"

~ H. Ye

"I was happy to use Dave to inspect my first home. He was knowledge, affordable and the inspection report was top notch. I will use David again in the future. Thanks! Best regards."

~ G. Steel

"The service was done comprehensively and at a fair price. We were very satisfied."

~ S. Melo

"David, Thank you very much for the follow-up resources. I have already given your name to potential future clients."

~ E. Willard 

"WOW!  That is some report!  Well, I took your advice and read it word-for-word; it is very thorough and easy to understand.  The color coding and pictures were helpful.  I feel like this was money well spent! Thank you so much, Ken and David!"

~ M. Massey